Play script about mental health nearing completion

I am just in the process of completing a play script which looks at mental health in an accessible way. Mbali can be performed by young people, or by professional adults for young people. It looks at mental ill health through the story of a young female elephant who sees her family slaughtered by poachers. She sinks into a deep, life threatening depression where nothing seems worth living for. She meets other animals who either make things worse, or better. She eventually finds the support she needs to begin to make a recovery. The story is told through the characters of animals as it can be less painful to see an elephant or a hippo reach the depths than a human. The messages are still powerful. I have used the same technique in Impisi which is about disability, self image and difference, this play has been performed in South Africa, Swaziland and in the UK to acclaim. If you are interested in either of these plays please get in touch or visit Thanks. 

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