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All input welcome, especially those doing healing work.... we can all learn from each other :)

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I would love for those doing work  that enhances Well-being to have a space to share insights and discoveries in Practice.


Most days I work I have real magic moments that excite me. Connections about how the body, life and the planet all link up.


So to share that with like minded people I think would be a great support for me and for others...

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Comment by Richard Lumley Smith on December 5, 2011 at 22:15

Me again !Any chance of a meeting over xmas holiday, re suggestions for future meetings (vis a vis practitioners and clients meeting on what is spiritual path/holistic healing) !Thank you .

Comment by Richard Lumley Smith on October 14, 2011 at 6:36

Hello Claire ,


Forgive me as  a non practitioner who has knowledge of Shiatsu/Seiki,daring to comment on your view of the World but i think i have an alternative view to you ! I  accept your view that your best  work is done on "friends and family " !.From my past life as a Banker /Team Builder/Team Leader/Coach Assistant at Reading Athletic club (non official ) i regard you as talking about the "bubble" or "comfort zone ".No problem but, the American Civil War was fought over the "comfort zone " of the Confederate states !.Makes you think ,looking back from todays USA multi cultural powerhouse of an economy !.


When i was sent in to "sort out " underperforming Bank branches as a clerk (working under the orders of the Area Manager-using my methods ) ,i split the "assignment " into three stages over 18-24 months !.First three months assessment of the problem,identifying underperforming /unrecognised potential /designing a solution to "problems" (good staff,great potential for business,no obvious reason for failure of branch ).

Then one Saturday ,the Manager and i would get a large skip ,strip branch of everything not essential,reorganise desks so all staff faced each other round a "circle of desks " (communication awareness of who needed help /promoting feeling of "team " !.On Monday staff would revolt,horrified "comfort zone " destroyed "Where do i put my handbag now you have taken away the empty filing cabinet "typical (locker upstairs -seperate keys ) !.I would explain it was an experiment and if after three months staff still did not "get it" i would reverse process !.Then i dropped bombshell Manager and Area Manager had approved this plan !.


Three months later i told staff i was wrong, they were of course right and i would restore the office to the way it was !.Riot !.No way was i changing anything !.In the three months,i had developed underperformers ,reined in bullies,ensured "i led by example "uncle to everyone" -wise advice ,short cuts,how to use computer,tricks of the trade to get "yes " from customers (mentoring) !.Also from being bottom of all league tables we were in top five on all performance tables (out of 20 branches ).

Then the final,best staff were promoted to other branches as managers,senior staff etc. but, one "unrealised potential staff member " would, by working as my assistant, realise they could do my job better than me !.Once i was sure they could, i would leave brnach job done !.


Relevance to your comment !.Who is doing the work in your"comfort zone "!.As client gets resonace with you they know what is expected,they are more pliable ,easier to work on,bring their own knowledge of body to the "table " assisting practitioner !.However ,taking my scenario when did i do my best work ?.When did i as a Zen Buddist "make the difference ?.Why do highly qualified Medical Staff join Medicine Sans Frontiers/3rd World charities  and leave modern hospitals to work in 3rd World war zones (leaving comfort zone behind for challenge of managing with what they have got !).


Yes, you do "deep" work on "friends and family " like a violinist plating a priceless violin, of course you can lay better ,the violin is doing half the work !.However ,teaching a child how to play Vivaldi on a cheap violin ,is so much more valuable ,you give the child the gift of "empowering them" to do something they did not know they could do !.


My best work in life has been to release the potential in the "person/client" so that they can maximise their future lives !.Every new client is an "unploughed field" hard work but, when the harvest comes in, worth all the hard work !.Leaving  Bank branches, who no longer needed my "talents" (being fully empowered to think and do it for themselves ) is a great feeling !.Hope you agree !.

Comment by Kāmini on September 29, 2011 at 19:33

Hello Claire

yes I have a few close friends, who are like family, for reflexology and I love working with them as I can really relax and I feel they do too. Also get good constructive feedback as well as insights that others may not feel open enough to share. Also at times I feel touched to be able to 'give back' in a way that is so intimate to people who mean a lot to me. The down side can be getting them to quieten down during the session as it's easy to end up chatting and catching up on news! 

Comment by Dr Claire Ryan on September 28, 2011 at 8:32

I have several friends coming in for care with me. I find a new standard is set by working with people I know on a personal level. Another level of accountability. Any experiences anyone else has to share on working with Friends or family members?

Comment by Dr Claire Ryan on August 31, 2011 at 9:42

Hello All

Im giving a complimentary talk at my clinic tomorrow evening( Thursday 1st of Sept) at 6pm, it will be about the body, nervous system, spine, stress physiology, ease, and integration of tension in fluid, life enhancing ways. I will also be sharing a fundamental breath practice that has helped a lot of people in their day to day life.

The address is 5a Fore, street tq95da, or more details on my website 

Please let me know if you want me to book you a place.


Comment by Alexandra Rosso on August 9, 2011 at 21:12

Sounds good Tina.  Yes to all of that and hope it works - it's much the way i would've gone.  If anyone offers you a greasy vindaloo &deep fried Galaxy tomorrow i would avoid, lol - yer elth is yer wealth.  Jolly pro-bio birthday porridge and wishing you warm fun &sun!  :D x

Comment by Christoffer de Graal on August 9, 2011 at 17:18

Hi Tina, sorry 2 hear about what's going on.  I concur with Kay about it begin difficult to give advice like this over the web.

Also, .  at the risk of saying the D word, ahve you chieced what's going on with a doctor? on occasion I've used a doctor to get something checked, ie blood tests .( though I've hardly ever, taken any alopathic medicine)  . Also there's a woman in Exeter hwo is a hearblist and a doctor, who kind of bridges the 2 worlds..  
good luck follow your intution



Comment by Alexandra Rosso on August 9, 2011 at 16:53

Hi Tina, Wanting to firstly wish you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow! 

Mmyes - kinesiology might be helpful in getting you straight.  The staff in Greenlife can be helpful too only you may not need a basket-full - maybe your belly more needs a rest??.  Your body has its wisdom - you know it a million times better than me - but i will say my number one gut friend i've long recognised to be acidopholus.  I get the Quest one which is a great price and does the job better than any of the more expensive ones i've ever tried - i know others who would back me up on that.  Well done on noticing garlic - i too love it, but can;t do it every day.  Wishing you a happy belly!! x

Comment by Kay Scott on August 9, 2011 at 16:35

Hi Tina,

So sorry to hear that you have been in pain for over a month.  I would be very reluctant to offer advice without seeing you and putting together a picture from the jigsaw of symptoms  that could be related or unrelated.  All I can offer is the suggestion of coming for a Kinesiology session to get to the bottom of whatever is going on.  In the meantime try and have a happy birthday tomorrow. Love Kay


Comment by Lucinda Drayton on August 2, 2011 at 10:08

Hello, I am Lucinda, a new member and from Cornwall. Its great to see such beautiful sharing in this community. I am a Musician by Proffession but am also training as an integrative counsellor and have also trained in aspects of The Reach Approach which is a holistic approach to human well being that takes mind body spirit and environment into consideration. loads of free resources at  The download on persuading the body is great start. After many years as Yogi and sort of ignoring the body I am now turining that on its head and learning to really take care of this miraculous system. Look forwrd to learning form you all. presetly I am detoxing with Olive leaf extract....its quite tough but I can feel it working away in my system...amazing stuff. thanlks for including me here . Lucinda


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