On the 'events' page, to the right of the listings, beneath My Upcoming Events and Popular Event Types is a calendar: clicking on a number/date will show the events for that day only.

Many people now join CCD to promote their work, so it is VERY important you read the notes below before posting an event.

Events that do not follow the required date format will now be taken down without notice. (see below)*

Put up one event per date ... please do not block a whole range of dates with an end date weeks or months after the start date.

This clogs things up, makes it unclear what's happening when and isn't fair to people who list their events individually.

Robert writes:

How to add a SINGLE Event— A step-by-step approach :

  1. Click on Events (in the menu section below Creative Community Devon text at head of page).
  2. Click on + Add an Event
  3. Add the Name of your event - this can be a long line.
  4. If you have an image you want to upload from your computer, click on right-hand button (black rectangle with white circle) - This opens a small window Upload an image... you need to click the Browse button and then find the image file on your computer.
  5. Click Done - it doesn't upload at this point not until you click Add Event at the bottom of the page
  6. Add the text in Description - and do bear in mind Christoffer's words: "touch in with what inspires you about what you offer, & share with us magic moments."
  7. NOTE: Make sure you are in Visual Mode (If you know HTML code then click on the HTML Editor tab)
  8. You can format the text by selecting the word/s and then clicking on icons in the ribbon at the top of that box.
    Don't forget to add the cost of the workshop.
  9. Add text into Event Type
  10. Starts - click on the calendar icon (mouse over and it'll say 'Choose Date') and choose date. Select start time.
  11. Ends - Select date and end time.
  12. NOTE: Please enter the actual day/s of the event - the start and end time of a workshop is fine but NOT for a series of weekly events.  *Do not make the end time the last day of the series of workshops - the idea is to list the events individually so they appear on the Events page on the day they actually occur.
  13. Location - add the venue
  14. Street, City/Town, Website or Map, Phone, Organized By - All these are not compulsory fields to fill in so do what you wish.
  15. NOW click on Add Event (scroll down to find this in a pale green box). After you click here it might take a while for something to happen; if you have an image, it is at this point it is uploaded.
  16. You'll then be shown a page to invite other people. If you have a list of contacts you can send them all your invitation from here - apparently this is a good way to send to groups as these messages don't seem to trigger spam filters. TIP: You can use email addresses of people who are not CCD members
  17. You'll have to go to the Events page to find your Event.
  18. When you find it check to see if it looks OK - especially the Description text.
  19. See below if you need to edit your event.


How to COPY an event :

If you have a WEEKLY, FORTNIGHTLY, or MONTHLY class, enter each date by copying your event.
(If you post an event with a start date and end date weeks or months apart [eg start date 15 May 2016 and end date 17 July 2016] your event will be deleted.)

  1. Make a single event and then go to the event you made and want to repeat
  2. (You need to be logged in to access this next bit) Look for the 'Options' button - next to 'Add' to the right of your name.
  3. Click the small triangle to expand the 'Options' button to reveal 'Copy Event' and select that.
  4. This will open an identical page: you need only to alter the date and then click 'Save'

Here's what the 'Options' button—and menu—looks like - people seem to miss it!


Remember to click on 'Save' when you've made all the changes!


Updating or editing an existing event :

  1. Find the Event you made that you want to edit, update or repeat.
    (YOU MUST GO TO THE ACTUAL EVENT - click on the event title to show the event.)
  2. Click on Edit Event - it's in the 'Options' tab at the top of the page - next to 'Add' - see the image above.
    (You must be logged in to CCD or this will not show.)
  3. Make the changes to your Event.
  4. Click 'Save'

Update an out-of-date event :

Another way to add an event is to find one of your out-of-date events you have previous published and update it.
You can do this by going to the Events menu, find the date of your old event (there are two months on show and it's possible to go back to previous months and click on the number/date of your old event - see image).
When you've found your old event, click on 'Options' and select 'Edit Event' and then change the dates.
Make sure, if you use this method, to also tick the Disable RSVP otherwise all previous guests attending/ not attending with remain the same.
And, once you've clicked  'Save' at the bottom of the page, if there are any comments from others, best to delete them.


CCD is run by volunteer members who make NO money from this site. We don't have energy nor time to keep informing people of these details — Please read this information.


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