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Boundaries Anger and Bitterness

As with so many of my poems this started out as an exploration into something which I thought I did not understand...

I am tired

Of spiritual truths

That counsel compassion

Where none


The importance of…


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Flip Flop - A Tale for Our Times

This story is set in the Utopia of 2050. An elderly storyteller shares her experience of a pilgrimage she made in 2010. The part fable part folklore story bridges the gap between today's looking forward to an as yet ungraspable future, and the future we all dream about already in existence.

Through a dialogue between the young people of 2050 and the storyteller who was alive in 2010 the two situations are explored through the images and descriptions the characters give as they seek to…


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A Visit to the BookMakers

No, I haven't taken up gambling, honest! Though self publishing can be a scary process that can feel a little like that is exactly what it is.

I have often been curious why having a bet on a horse is going to send you down the Bookmakers, and it seems to have something to do with those that keep the books on Who bet How Much, on What, When, and in a bizarre kind of a way producing a book to sell has at least one of those elements; how many books to make, to cover costs and yet still…


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The Book of a Long Walk is Born

In March 2010, at the Spring Equinox, I set off from my home in Totnes to walk all around England, in a pair of old red flip flops, visiting Transition towns, listening to people's stories, and sharing them with others.…


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Your delicate grace

Calls me

Across the garden

To gaze

In wonder

At your beauty

And wonder

About your nature

Harlequin’s love

Beloved Aphrodite’s flower

Mary’s too

Symbol of love

Your meaning


By time

Sacred Love




All are yours

As we

Teeter on the edge

Of sacred sexuality

Knowing in our hearts

It is the…


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A Love Story

It’s not on the outside

It’s on the inside

So why do I keep reaching out

Ever forsaken

Ever empty

Ever longing

Thirst unquenched

Searching for a reflection

I can recognize

I am hurt

By what is offered

And scarred by what is mirrored…


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A Poem for All Aquarians and their Loved Ones

Aquarius Born


See the light

But cannot always feel…


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Happy Solstice, Christmas, New Year and all that jazz to all my CCD friends






For Love

Is available

Now and for all

Time if you want it


The seed

You want to grow

Lavish it with your

Attention till it blossoms

We all want to see its flowers


Happy Solstice, Christmas, New Year,  (or whatever it is that floats your boat ) to all my CCD…


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Janner Journey

Come across

New place



Too big for me

The city

Or my feelings








Too fast

My feelings




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The Tale of Totnes Lantern Procession

In commemoration and celebration of our wondrous festival of the light with our very own Shanni Ong, Jo Rotas, and Leighsa Anderson, a local tale to delight your evening... see if you can identify their characters...

The Tale of the Lantern Procession

(click on the title to go to the tale)

on and as told on SoundArt radio this Wednesday.…


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I have got me a radio show!

It's called Stories with Steph - Telling local stories with a touch of Magic

It's on every Wednesday afternoon, 5.30-6pm, right after Alice Armstrong, on Soundart Radio

Do listen in this week and hear

the tale of Toad, Snake and Long Crippler

and the Tale of the Lantern Procession.

Leighsa Anderson will be my…


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Tales of a city that is not too big and not too small

Some of you might recognize this place...

(follow the links for the rest of each tale)

I  On a Fair On a Green

Once, to a city that was not too big and not too small, with a cathedral in the centre and a green all around, came a storyteller a-walking, name of WynnAlice.…


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Toad, Snake, and Long Crippler

Once, in a time that was and was not a time of transition there was a town that was not too big and not too small with a river running through it and a steep, steep high street with a castle on the top.

‘Twas a town of many great deeds, and always had been from the time, ‘tis said, that brave Brutus braved the oceans and sailed up the River Oak and found a place just perfect for people to make their home.

Some say ‘twas a home already and the three headed stream…


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Rattery Show weekend  I took my mum along to Rattery Show. I love living in Rattery so much because it has carried on doing the same things for generations, unfooled by the trappings of the post modern era.

I decide to enter into the spirit of things and put some of my art work into the Handicraft Category.

Soon after judging the show secretary…


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From Freedom Fields to Mount Wise

I have spent the summer becoming more acquainted with neighbour Plymouth.

As ever my words run away with me and this website's character limit ain't gonna let me post what I would like...

So here's a teaser, and the link to the whole thing, on my website or on

...We pop into the…


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The Tale of the Babylonians

Came one day, to the town that was not too big and not too small, a gathering of folk known as the Babylonians. Came they with supplies, curiousity, and a great will to learn.

They came to learn of the days of 2030. Believed they still that resilience looked rather like a pyramid, though they could easily see how it could be toppled if one below became too mobile, or one on top exerted too much pressure.…


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And We Don't Know The Reason

Today I sat down to finish the service sheet for my dad's memorial service to be held in Lancashire at the end of the month, which would have been his 85th birthday. As I did so a song came through, ready with its own tune...

seems like dad is trying to tell us all something, so I will share it here too....

And we don’t know the reason

And we don’t know the season

That we’ll die

And we don’t know the seasons

And we don’t know the reasons

That we…


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The Tale of The Kids in The Woods

Once, in a time that was, and was not, a time of Transition, there were three settlements, in a wooded area in the southern Hams not so very far from the famed town that was not too big and not too small.

The first settlement to form took it upon themselves to include the pathway as part of their territory, for they said, a toll could perhaps one day be charged, to bring income into their community.

Later two more settlements sprung up; one lower down the hill, on the…


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Shout with Joy!

Who would have thought it?

Very apt that today, on Jubilee day, my brand new website is born! Shout with Joy!  finally weaves together the various threads of my storytelling life, thanks to Nick Walters for photography and web design and hosting, Christoffer de Graal for early stages technical…


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Did you say?

Oh my!…


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