[No] Goodbye to CCD ! For ALL CCD Members

AN UPDATE: the price hike dropped on us has been reversed!
Christoffer has confirmed that the donations received to date have now covered the cost for another year; what I wrote below is now out-of-date.

There's a shock in store.

At the end of August, Ning, the company that provides the facilities that CCD uses, announced a 100% price increase from 1st October 2016.

In July, members were asked for donations to pay the annual bill due in August. It fell short by about £70. That was before the price increase announcement.

From October 1st the cost of providing CCD will double from £216 to £432 !!!

There is some money in the pot to cover a few months payments but after that's gone, CCD will be gone.

Unless… unless someone steps forward to sort out a way forward.

Christoffer (who began CCD) does not have the time or headspace to keep track of everything.

For myself, having been involved in CCD since it began in 2009, and as much as I want to see CCD continue in the way that it offers an alternative to the dominance of Facebook — the events section is far better — I also don't have the oomph to continue on.

I can't see that people will pay to join CCD and to pay to advertise their events as a way to cover the cost charged by Ning.

If you do see a way for CCD to continue then PLEASE step forward.

Otherwise, expect a few more months of access to this site before … poof!

Long live CCD!!


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