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Cheril'Sword The Miracle Alchemist - Whole Sensory Healing

In the past, it was said it was impossible to change a behavioral problem. The only thing that one could hope for was a shift in behavior to embrace another one. All behavior patterns stems from belief. Getting to the core of a belief requires a dimensional solution.

Because beliefs define the foundation of our world, the destruction of inappropriate beliefs must be done without destroying anything that has innate or internal value. For instance, you would not destroy a belief that carried the love of a family member. Love is a Universal and dimensional Bond, and if this Universal Bond is broken, it could end up destroying our whole world.
Because of this, undoing the inappropriate bonds that link the body to inappropriate behavior must be addressed with great care. All beliefs are held within the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind, the emotional body, and time are all linked together as one in a Universal Dance that defines the dimension they reside in. This is the Universal Dance that defines our world. It is also called the 3rd dimension.

If one of these links, which holds our world intact, were are inadvertently broken in time, the whole world could be destroyed. Thus, the ability to undo behavior at its root, or within belief,
has never been part of the healing experience. But this has all changed.

We have entered into a New Virtual Time Zone, where it is now possible to root out and undo the unnatural behavioral desires that have long plagued the people of our world. This will require getting back to the basics of inno-sense, or whole sensory perception.

We were born with whole sensory perception, but as we learned to occupy a body, we fragmented the whole sensory perception we were born with into 5 separate body senses.
This has left gaps in our natural ability to consciously sense reality.

The gaps in whole sensory perception, which have divided the body senses into 5 separate body senses, are the breeding ground of inappropriate behavior. It is also the breeding ground for misunderstanding, confusion, conflict, anger, frustration, irritation, disease, lack, along with many other disappointments in the physical experience. We are Now living in a time zone that will allow us to fill in the gaps that OWN truth. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call 863-325-3128. Florida United States

The Miracle Alchemist-Writer-Teacher Physical education-CMT-CHt-NLP-OMC.
Universal education is OWN.
Here's Cheryl Goodrich with a presentation about Miracles and the Inner Child:

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