A rascal for love, the progress of awakening to the truth.

Jan. 1  2015  

A magical process , which feels like entering a greater presence of love and grounding, is unfolding in my life. It's the discovery of a new freedom to love where pain and suffering exists within and being able to not run from it. To find the key to healing, the gold in the den of my inner dragons, fiercely protecting it once, but welcoming me to it, now that they're becoming my friends.  After all ..... I learned to understand that they're my creations through all the ups and downs of my existence.

It's a place within, where both light and shadow join in the heart and end the need for war within. In these times of change, the war of all wars rages due to this planet's population existence in duality consciousness. 

In a down to earth way......  in the here and now.... and in the meantime, I am, like you, a woman human being and I dwell in all shades of sensations and feelings, while living my life. I may speak quite eloquently and somewhat  priestess like... sort of, but I'm no holy person, far from it. It's time to show my true colors and reveal some unholy shadows from within. This is what makes whole and in that way, grace is my companion.

The difference in my "then" and "now" is, that the unfolding of my life is becoming a creation and an ongoing unfolding of freedom. Not fixed as my fate, ordered to be obeyed as the will of God or any other authority, like Big Brother or Sister.  Life and the ability to maintain present in my own personal space, is always in a state of flux. An open invitation to create each moment anew and to be in wonder. 

The use of control , I find, is a devastating effort to be safe and takes a lot of energy to try to define and make factual, in fear and the need for being right. As a substitute for an identity that is truthful and according to my own true nature. Control and perfection are tools from my mind, they are alien to my heart's compassion and content.

It's one of the most liberating experiences, to shift from resistance to surrender and see the world  with changed eyes.  

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